Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vick to the Eagles

So, Michael Vick signs with the Eagles. I was hoping that no team would want him for at least a year. Maybe I'm not being fair. In America, serving your sentence should balance the books on your crime, but I'm having a hard time with this because it deals with innocent animals.

I hope Vick is truly sorry for what happened on his land. The public persona he put out during the ordeal was one of a person sorry for being caught not for abusing dogs. I could be wrong. I think the whole scene must have been overwhelming.

Vick and the Eagles will endure booing for the whole of preseason and when Vick steps on the field during regular season games for a while. When the season is in full swing and playoff positions are being formed, fans will forget to boo Vick. The NFL puts a product on the field that is electric. The charge should drown out the boos in December. Michael Vick will not suffer much this year, and the NFL will suffer even less.

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