Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fable II

I am not at work today because I don't feel well. If I start to feel better later, I will play my all time favorite game - Fable II. I can easily spend hours playing this game. I have never seen a game with such a rich environment. Though have already beaten the game, I love to keep playing. There are plenty of quests to complete, gargoyles to kill, and gold to find to keep me entertained for a while.

I played the game as a good guy this time. It may be hard to tell if you saw my character. He is overweight, wears Elvis sunglasses, and has some scaring on his face. When I'm done with this game, I will play again as a bad guy. That should be fun. It should create a whole new experience. What game can claim that.

That is enough of that. Nyquill is kicking in. Time to take a nap.

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