Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have never made pancakes from scratch before. Queentuffy and I decided we need to eat more at home. With that decision I realized I wanted to try making pancakes from scratch. I didn't have a recipe. So, I did a search on the web. I decided to try buttermilk pancakes using this recipe. I don't know who Scott Jensen is, but he has a great pancake recipe.

I would have taken pics of the event, but I was focused on not mucking this up I forgot. You'll have to trust me. They were great. The website did a good job of explaining the whole process. A process that was much simpler than I expected. Thankfully.

Queentuffy said we have to add these to our normal dinner rotation. I have to agree. I like these a lot and look forward to having them again. Next time I will add bacon on the side.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


According to the Obama campaign it was time for change. Though our change wasn't felt country wide, it still was big for us. That's right we kicked Time Warner Cable to the curb and got AT&T U-Verse.

After months of discussing amongst ourselves and friends who have U-Verse, we decided it was time for a change. Time Warner had been a let down as of late and Queentuffy never liked being "hijacked" by them. Though our cost will be about the same, Queentuffy likes the fact its not Time Warner getting our money.

For me it was the inconsistant internet connection. I'm quite addicted to Xbox Live. I love to play Battlefield 1943, 1 vs 100, and Modern Warfare 2 online. It was pissing me off everytime we lost connection and I got kicked out of the game.

Besides a consistent internet connection there are more things to like that we didn't get with Time Warner. We can record a show on the downstairs dvr and watch it on the upstairs tv. That comes in handy when I record Ghost Hunters. Queentuffy doesn't like the show and now I can watch it when I want to and not wait to be home alone.

We can set the dvr from our phone or work computers. This may not be that big of a deal, but you never know. I remember being out of the house and it dawning on us that we forget to set the dvr. This won't be a problem anymore.

I has the NFL network. I could never understand why Time Warner didn't offer this channel. Now I don't care. AT&T has it. It is nice. Especially during the playoffs. Next season I won't miss any of the NFL network only games. Yes. I'm stoked.

One last cool thing. It could be our imaginations, but I think the picture is much better with AT&T. I don't have a HDTV so I didn't expect too much from picture quality. I am very happy with the picture improvement.

I am happy with the decision. Hopefully we will be happy for years to come.