Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have never made pancakes from scratch before. Queentuffy and I decided we need to eat more at home. With that decision I realized I wanted to try making pancakes from scratch. I didn't have a recipe. So, I did a search on the web. I decided to try buttermilk pancakes using this recipe. I don't know who Scott Jensen is, but he has a great pancake recipe.

I would have taken pics of the event, but I was focused on not mucking this up I forgot. You'll have to trust me. They were great. The website did a good job of explaining the whole process. A process that was much simpler than I expected. Thankfully.

Queentuffy said we have to add these to our normal dinner rotation. I have to agree. I like these a lot and look forward to having them again. Next time I will add bacon on the side.


  1. Packakes are fun to experiment with, more egg to add fluffiness, flavors. Its a fun food to cook for sure!

  2. I got a basic pancake recipe from Martha Stewart. My youngest can't digest milk so I use soymilk. I started using bananas too. You don't need so much oil if you do the same.

    1cup flour, 1cup soymilk, 2tbs sugar, 1tb oil, 2tsp baking powder, 1/2tsp salt, 1 egg, & 1 mushed overripe banana. Mix all ingredients and ladle batter unto a hot greased griddle.

    I can get it started just as fast as with a boxed pancake mix. Super easy!