Sunday, August 9, 2009

College Football EA Sports Style

I am loving NCAA 2010 from EA Sports. I got my first when at 3:20 this am. Yup. I wouldn't go to bed until I had a win under my belt. Thanks to Mizzou for being gracious enough to fall to my Huskers 30-0. I hope that happens in real life. Go Big Red!!

True it shouldn't have taken me so long to get a win, but I was confusing Xbox 360 buttons with their competitors. The X button is in a different location than what I'm used to. The poor X receiver never got the ball when he was wide open. Don't worry I'll get it worked out.

I turned on the Xbox and started the game. It proceeded to tell me that an update was available. I pushed the "go for it" button and was delighted to see the rankings update to match the newly released Coaches poll. Excellent.

I love this game because I couldn't beat the game 70 -0 on my first try. In fact it took a few games to get the first win. The NFL version should learn something from this. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a speed burst. If it is there and I haven't found it, help me out.

I'm new to the Xbox 360 experience. I just got the console in June for my birthday. Man. I shouldn't have waited so long. I love the Live add-ons, the ability to play on-line (I know. Nothing new), and the current ESPN feeds.

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