Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need to Get It Together

There are many things that I need to improve about my life. Don't get me wrong. There a lot of things about my life that I love, but there are the areas I would like to improve.

Like anyone else I would love to get into shape (other than round) and lose some weight. I started going back to the gym thanks to my BFF. We were getting into a grove and then I strained a tendon in my knee. Ouch! The knee is getting closer to normal. I look forward to getting back to the gym.

I have some house projects that need attention. I'm sure Queentuffy would like me to finish those. I think the only way I'm going to finish them is to create a list and start checking off the projects as I get them done.

My career is a whole other problem. In fact it will take another blog post to cover that. The overall theme is it is time to take the steps. They may be baby steps, but steps none the less.

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