Monday, November 9, 2009


I hope I don't have to think about this seriously for years to come, but what would I want as my next car. I would love to have a car that would keep me away from the gas pump. Nothing would be nicer in my auto universe than never having to pay for gas again.

So, would alternative fuels like hydrogen work for me? Nah. I would prefer to plug my shiny new ride into a wall socket and let it "refuel" while I sleep or while I work. I wouldn't miss stopping at QT once a week at all.


I don't want a "traditional" looking electric car. I want something that looks like a powerful gas guzzler. Maybe something along the lines of a muscle car. You know a '69 Chevelle. I want it to look like it could burn the tires off while going 0-60 in 4 seconds.
Come on Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, etc. Its time to step it up. Create something I would actually want to own. Otherwise, I have to hope my SUV lasts forever.
To recap.

Not this.


  1. Tesla? Hell yes, gimme! Cuz I do NOT have the $$$ to buy it myself.

    I agree with your thoughts Kip. When they finally merge clean, green, efficient cars with kick ass cars people will be lining up fpr them.